Fueled by fortitude, femininity, and fierceness, aŠady is a brand for the everyday woman ready to grab life by its horns--and look good doing it.

 Our designs are powered by bold cuts coupled with intricate embroidery, adding a delicate touch to our pieces: your invincible shield of confidence. At aŠady, we believe you can be both strong and feminine, any day and anywhere. There is no need for compromise.

 Designer and namesake of the brand, Dana Asady, continues to draw inspiration from past and present. Her work is influenced by timeless shapes with roots in ancient Mesopotamia, where goddesses ruled both love and war simultaneously, married with a modern twist fit for the 21st century woman.

Our goal is to elevate your style, one daring piece at a time. Our muse is you.

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Sustainbility Promise

  • Ethical Sourcing

    At aŠady, we are committed to ethical sourcing practices. We believe that all of our products should be made with respect for the people who make them, as well as for the environment. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our strict standards for fair labor practices and sustainable production.

  • Cruelty Free Garments

    At aŠady, we are committed to producing garments in a cruelty-free manner. We believe that all animals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We do not use any materials or products that are a result of animal cruelty in the production of our garments. We are dedicated to using only sustainable and ethical materials that align with our values of compassion and respect

  • Small Production

    At aŠady we believe in producing small quantities of clothing in order to reduce waste and our environmental impact. By carefully curating our collections and limiting overproduction, we can not only preserve resources but also offer unique, high-quality pieces to our customers.